No one should be afraid to go to the dentist. Read what our patients are saying about our service.


I have never felt so…

“I have never felt so great about a dentist before Dr. Caden Ngo! I have a complicated case to put it mildly. He is patient, he helps walk me through what we need to do and he never gives up on me ūüôā His office is such a comfortable environment, and it’s so easy to find. I would recommend him to anyone I know…and even to people I don’t. You will not be disappointed!!” ¬†~Angela V., 9/9/2010

Dr. Caden Ngo…

Dr, Caden Ngo. is a complete dentist superstar. Trust me. It’s a good thing. Where do I start? At the door… When you see Creation Dentistry from the outside you don’t think much of it but when you walk inside you are transported to a world of soft pastels bordered with marble and french doors. Everything in the waiting room is antique but I have never had a chance to really check them out because I have never had to wait for an appointment.Dr. Caden Ngo is a total one-man-show. He works the phone and reception, does his own everything and is hands on with all steps of your exam and following visits. I have seen offices with a receptionist, hygienist, and dentist not run half as efficiently as this place. This cat does it and does it with style!

ON WORK ETHIC; I have always had a fear and loathing of the dental profession and Dr. Ngo has not only put that to rest but, as the man of my family, I have taken the initial test with him and he passes with flying colors. He will be my family dentist. If he is as gentle with me as with a child, then I can just imagine how gentle he will be with my little girl. From the beginning, He was 100% clear and concise on anything about to be done and would not move forward until he knew that I had a perfect understanding of what was to take place.

ON STERILITY; Dr. Ngo is IMMACULATE. Don’t let the antique looking office fool you. His place the highest tech and top of the line. Everything is sterile, down to the plastic on the chair. There is blue safety tape on anything that he puts his hands on and you can just feel the cleanliness in his operation room.

ON OVERALL PROCEDURE; PAINLESS, PAINLESS, PAINLESS. Dr. Caden Ngo has a gentle touch that is unrivaled in the dental community. I am in the procedure of having all my teeth extracted, with two really bad ones, for dentures and i have heard horror stories about yanking out of teeth by inept dentists. Dr. Ngo is not one of them. He actually cradled my head and has a style of pulling teeth that there is NEVER any yanking. He is even gentle with the initial local anesthesia. In short, he is the gentlest dentist that I have ever met.

ON INSURANCE. He takes most and will work with you. He said four words that will always keep me coming back: I WANT TO HELP YOU.Dr. Caden Ngo is 150% of a dentist that you would expect 110% from and I strongly suggest this good man to anybody with dental issues….” ~Elliot G., 9/4/2010

Phenomenal Job!

“Dr. Ngo did a phenomenal job of making me feel at home in his meticulously decorated office. Very cool interior and, I understand, the doc did a lot of the work on the place himself. So he gets double thumbs up for being an excellent doc and a DIYer. He is a very friendly and outgoing person, and took a genuine interest in me as a person. But most importantly he did great work on my teeth!!”¬†~shawn a.,¬† 7/19/2010

A Very Happy Man

“I have the misfortune of having genetically bad teeth. Over the years my molars have been breaking apart and requiring crowns. Some investigation led me to Creation Dentistry and Dr. Ngo. I am glad I found him. I need some extensive work and over next couple of weeks we will complete round one. This guy is great. Best dentist I have ever been to bar none. Based upon the work he has done so far he clearly knows what he is doing and can do it quick, well, and with very little discomfort. This was the first time I can say that being there was no a bad experience. Not even close. This guy will take care of you right. He is an excellent dentist. He takes the time to explain the procedures and costs so no one is surprised. And really truly he is a great guy. Very congenial. If he didn’t have his hands in my mouth I think we could have a great conversation. Finally. as you make your way inside take a close look at the interior design. The space has a beautiful and amazing feel. And you can thank Dr Ngo for that as well. The design and implementation of the decor was all him. So if you need a dentist I would recommend Creation Dentistry and Dr. Ngo without hestitation.” ~nathangriffith, 6/19/2010

My Second Visit…

“I just returned from my second visit and first major treatment with Dr. Ngo.¬† I have to agree on all points from the other reviewers.¬† He was great.¬† He is thorough, gentle, helpful, knowledgeable and a real nice guy.¬† No complaints from me.¬† And his sense of style and interior design is impeccable.” ~Nathan G.,¬† 6/16/2010

Doesn’t get any better Thanks Doc, Chris P.

“I have never in my life life seen a dentist who could do the work of 3 to 4 people and stay on top of everything. Dr. NGO not only cares about people and what he does, he is very compassionate. He took the time to explain everything with out any hesitation. This is the go to guy for all your dental needs. I had two teeth extracted over 8 hours ago and I have yet to feel a thing. Unlike most dentists, this Doc takes his time while doing his work to make sure it is done right and professionally. Please give him a visit.” ~chrisparm38,¬† 6/14/2010


“Dr. Ngo is AWESOME! I have been a very nervous patient from past experiences and after yesterday, Dr. Ngo totally changed my mind! He was very very patient with me and he really calmed me down.

I had a tooth extracted by him yesterday and it was so quick and completely pain free (unlike my experiences with other dentist…ouch!)He’s a great guy and a great dentist!” ~5/25/2010,¬† Kristyn S.

Meticulous Work

“Dr. Ngo is very meticulous in his work. He is great at explaining what is going on in my mouth and his treatment strategy. His equipment is top-notch. He spent a great deal of time with me person-to-person and does all his work himself as opposed to using assistants and hygienists. A very good overall experience.” ~5/22/2010 , Dan L.

Wisdom Teeth

“Recently had all my wisdom teeth pulled at Creation Dentistry.¬† I¬† was terrified and tried to put it off for as long as possible.

But i must say that while the experience was not so pleasant, Dr. Caden put me at great ease and even made me laugh a few times.¬† I did not feel any pain what so ever during the procedure.¬†¬†¬† The whole thing was over before i knew it.¬† Caden has a strong pull, but a gentle arm, and i;m healing up quite nicely.¬†¬†¬† So thank you so much for a¬† great extraction job, my expectations were not only met but exceeded.Would highly recommend Creation Dentistry to anyone who needs dental work.¬† Its a beautiful office with a great dentist.” ¬†Julia Melner¬†5/11/2010

Finding a Good Dentist is Hard

“Finding a good dentist is hard. As hard as finding a good doctor or mechanic. Nothing is worse than paying large amounts of money for mediocre or even detrimental services. That said, lets talk.The office – Beautiful!.. Comfortable! Like going to a bed and breakfast.

Alright, who cares? The skeptic in some will say “Appearance doesn’t matter as much as skill at trade.” Agreed. But care for comfort and appearance, does denote a care and consideration for the Patient. It also represents a pride in practice which Dr. Caden follows through with by providing excellent service. Also, I think he just likes to work in a neat place.The service- Caring, .. Comprehensive,…Personable! Went for exam and x-rays. My teeth are badly neglected- few times I have gone to other dentist (other than wisdom extractions) were poor experiences. He uses digital x-rays which are ready immediately, he goes over them with you on a screen right in front of the chair. Also¬† took pictures of the teeth from all angles so that you can relate the x-rays to the tooth. Answered all questions- and I can be interrogative- extremely patient and informative. Demonstrated on model the proper way to brush teeth- (I’m suffering from receding gums due to improper brushing). I’ve never had a dentist do that.The bill- Reasonable. Got in on a special promotion for the examination- so it kinda doesn’t count. But I have paid full price for that service else where and got 1/10 of the care in a substandard environment. Received estimation for work to be done- a full breakdown of costs-to the tune of 5000.00 dollars (did I mention my teeth are bad? Oh and I have no insurance) and after doing my homework (I always call around) The estimation are still very reasonable-The result- An excellent exam in a wonderful environment.¬† I trust Dr.Caden and will be embarking on a treatment to save my teeth. I will update this posting as the work is done to give an account of how the work went.¬† I am serious about saving my teeth and avoiding unnecessary cost (my bother had to have most his pulled recently) and I feel that my dentist is too. This coming from someone who is not overly fond of dentists offices.

Come here if you are looking for a good dentist, especially if you have lost faith in dentists.” ~4/28/2010


A visit will make you feel good in every way!

“I was very happy with and surprised by my last visit to the Dentist. Not only was the receptionist very friendly so was the Dentist himself. They are both truly nice people. The enviroment was surprising as well. It was like an old English Bed and Breakfast with state of the art equipment and a Flat Sceen Video Screen playing video about saving ecosystems. (Something I believe is much more important than global warming!)I experienced no pain other than the slight necessity of the novacaine shot and it was minimal because of the Doctors compassion.The rates are great and he always makes time to handle emergencies. I think he hates the idea of others in pain!” ~Michael with the good teeth,¬†3/8/2010

Not like any dentist that I have ever known!

“This was not like any dentist appt I have ever had in my life! My wisdom tooth started hurting on a Tuesday. By Thursday I was in dyer pain. My friend referred me on Thursday to get an appt. with Dr. Ngo. I work Monday thru Friday in Kirkland and he offered to actually open his office on Friday night for me. When I came into the office I was like wow it looks like a very hip vintage shop threw up in here! The style was definitely not your typical freakily sterile environment. And then the coolest part EVER!.Caden asked what kind of music I liked and I said reggae so you no what? He put on some Bob Marley for us to jam while he extracted my wisdom tooth. Creation Dentistry was a very awesome experience and will become a Ballard staple!” ~Anniebananie¬†¬† Posted on 1/30/2010

A Special Place

“One would not think of the dentist office as a special place.. But Dr. Ngo has made it so. He is wonderful,with amazing energy..his office is very special and not your typicaL DENTIST OFFICE BY NO MEANS..he made me feel so comfortable and Ifelt no pain at all.He is a neat man I will enjoy coming back to see him..Peace and Love to you..Kathie” ~Kathiekat, 1/16/2010

Best Dentist experience ever!

“Who wants to go to the dentist? Yeah right!

I can finally say that I do like going to my dentist!I love my neighborhood in Ballard and decided to try Creation Dentistry because it was closest to my home and the outside of the building has caught my eye a few times.I walked in and WOW, Creation Dentistry has the coolest vibe and decor to match! You have to see this place to believe it!You don’t even feel like your in a dentist office, it more like a funky retro design studio!I was greeted by the owner/do-it-yourself design star Dr. Caden Ngo.I learned more about the health of my teeth from Dr. Caden than I ever had from any other dentist!

He spent a great deal of time with my evaluation and even completed my cleaning himself and Caden is very gentle and kind.My second visit was to remove some old silver fillings and replace them with white fillings.

I actually was so relaxed that I FELL ASLEEP!!!I’m usually a bit nervous when I go to the dentist but the cool vibe of this office and Dr. Caden have a unusual way of putting me at ease.Dr. Caden is super gentle and his work is wonderful.I can’t say enough good things about Dr. CadenRun, don’t walk to Creation Dentistry!You wont be disappointed!” ~Kloftonk, 1/15/2010

Best dentist around

“Fear of dentists – no more! Caden Ngo will relieve you of any fear and stress. He treats everyone with care and consideration. His practice is about his patients. I would refer/recommend him to anyone I know or don’t know. I have been in the chair a lot taking care of “old” problems I neglected before because dentists were about them, not me. Thats no longer the case and I look forward to my appointments.” ~hotwheels31, 1/11/2010

Pleasant experience

“Creation Dentisty was a pleasant experience. Doctor Caden really help me with my phobia about going and I felt calm and at ease. The clinic is beautiful. When you walk in you feel like your not even at the dentist, but a spa. To top it all off his experience shines through in the work that he does. My procedure was quick and painless and I was very pleased with the results.” ~Erin P. – Seattle, WA,¬†1/10/09

What a great experience!

“What a great experience! Dr. Caden brings such personal touch and passion to what he does. He’s very down to earth and brings a desire to serve, educate and relate to his patients. I can’t say enough about his attentiveness to the whole person. You’ll really enjoy the experience!” ~Blaine L. Seattle, WA, 1/7/2010

WOW, Creation Dentistry

“WOW, Creation Dentistry has the coolest vibe and decor to match!¬† You have to see this place to believe it!¬†You don’t even feel like your in a dentist office! Dr. Caden is a do-it-yourself design star and an excellent, soft touch dentist!¬†I learned more about the health of my teeth from Dr. Caden than I ever had from any other dentist!¬†He spent a great deal of time with my evaluation and even completed my cleaning himself.¬†Run, don’t walk to Creation Dentistry!¬†You wont be disappointed!”¬†~Mark S. Seattle, WA, 1/6/2010


“I came to Dr.Ngo with a LOT of problems with my teeth, and he was very sympathetic and has worked with me, trying to give me the best price he can. I’m normally terrified of dentists, but just walking through his door you get a sense of both calming,and excitement by the decor. Then your feels are reassured when you sit down and talk to him. He works fast and tries to make you as comfortable as possible. The last thing that I think is very important is that while hes working with you, he really tries to get to know you as a person, which I know has made me feel both comfortable and a like I can trust him. I truly feel that you wont be disappointed with Dr.Ngo or his work!” ~lexi48, 1/6/2010

I was very impressed…

“I was very impressed W/ Dr. Ngo’s office as well as his work. He was very professional and personable and did great work!” ~Lisa, 2/08/09

I feel so comfortable…

“I feel so comfortable with Dr. Caden Ngo! His office suite is beautiful even though the building is plain on outside. He is extremely patient. He answered all of my questions (including education questions: Univ of¬† Washington Dental School) with an upbeat and positive personality. He is extremely meticulous and perceptive. More importantly, once he finished the procedure (crown) my pain was gone! I’ve told all my friends about him.I forgot to mention that he also gives free consultations.” ~Garrett S. – Seattle, WA, 12-05-09

Creation Dentistry

“I have always been afraid of the dentist, but just walking into Creation Dentistry put me at ease. From the moment Dr. Ngo greeted me at the door until he walked me out of his office I was comfortable. I had a long visit as I had alot of work to do and for the entire session he expressed concern for my comfort, asking if I was okay and allowing me breaks to rest. Dr. Ngo was thorough in his work and motivating regarding home care and even worked late to meet all my needs (fillings and a cleaning). He never made me feel embarrassed about my current dental condition and was encouraging that he would do everything he could to restore my smile. I will definitely be back for my 6 month check up! See you there!” ~lmt237, 12/01/2009

great experience

“It has been a great experience as having Dr Ngo as my dentist. He is very knowledgeable and considerate with everyone of my dental needs. I have had a fear of going to the dentist for years and with Dr. Ngo’s compasion and quick chair side experiences, i’ve actually outgrown my fear now. thank you Dr. Ngo!!” ~laura, Shelton, WA, 12/02/2009

great experience

“have had the great experience with dr ngo. very kind and caring and considerate of my dental needs!! thank you dr ngo!!” ¬†~nicole, 12/02/2009

I have always been afraid

“I have always been afraid of the dentist, but just walking into Creation Dentistry put me at ease. From the moment Dr. Ngo greeted me at the door until he walked me out of his office I was comfortable. I had a long visit as I had alot of work to do and for the entire session he expressed concern for my comfort, asking if I was okay and allowing me breaks to rest. Dr. Ngo was thorough in his work and motivating regarding home care and even worked late to meet all my needs (fillings and a cleaning). He never made me feel embarrassed about my current dental condition and was encouraging that he would do everything he could to restore my smile. I will definitely be back for my 6 month check up! See you there!” ~Anonymous, Seattle, WA, 12/01/2009

Most gentle dentist ever!

“I have had cleanings before but I always felt the pain for the next few days. With Dr. Caden Ngo was amazing! NO pain, I couldn’t believe it. He has the most relaxed atmophere and I felt so comfortable. Thank you for everything Dr. Ngo, I will be back!” ~Gini_White, 10/19/2009