Our Approach

Seattle-DentistWhat makes Creation Dentistry unique? Let’s ask Dr. Caden Ngo, DDS. 

A holistic approach to general dentistry.

I believe that together you and I can achieve healthier teeth and gums, and give you that smile which you’ve always wanted. While my overall emphasis is to give you a pleasant experience unlike anything else you may have experienced in a dentist’s office, I am also passionate about restoring your teeth. Rather than electing to use a shotgun when a scalpel is needed, “just to be on the safe side,” I will not always choose the harsher, more invasive procedure just because it is easier. The conservation of the existing tooth is very important to me.

For instance, rather than crowning (or performing a root canal upon) a badly damaged tooth, I would rather explore the possibility of saving the tooth and restoring it instead, using biofriendly composite resin material. Both excellence in dentistry, and people, are very important to me. By using bio-friendly materials and and a conservative approach to general dentistry that respects the whole person (not only treating symptoms, but focusing on prevention and conservation), I hope to help you achieve total oral health that is both aesthetically pleasing, and will stand the test of time.

  • Bio-friendly composite restorations & safer removal of decaying mercury amalgam fillings

I do not use mercury-containing amalgam filling materials in my office. I can, however, help you rid your mouth of this harmful substance, and we offer our patients a safer method of removal that is not widely available elsewhere. Mercury amalgam normally releases a cloud of mercury-contaminated vapor and dust when removed from the teeth, and I feel it is especially important to protect both the patient and myself from these airborne contaminates. In addition to employing the standard high-water mist, high-evacuation system and a dental dam when removing mercury fillings, I also use a special HEPA air vacuum system to catch any trace materials that may “escape” the standard removal process. You can see a picture of this equipment in the Gallery.

  • Utilizing Kangen pH-controlled water for oral hygiene cleanings.

I am especially excited about using pH-controlled water for oral hygiene. The water’s pH is lowered to 2.5, where bacteria is unable to thrive. This water is produced by running ordinary tap water through a special device that is made in Japan. You can find out more about Kangen water filtration systems and their uses and benefits on our Resources page.

  • Reputable U.S. lab using high noble metals for crowns/bridges.

When the is no other option but to crown a tooth, I use a vey reputable and experienced lab located in nearby Renton for my crown and bridge needs. I make sure to use only high noble metals for their inherent ability to be non-reactive in the mouth and their unmatched endurance and malleability, giving a closer fit and a longer lifespan to your crowns.

  • Reverse early cavities through supplementation.

I approach early cavities that have not broken through the enamel and entered the dentin by use of remineralizing agents to eliminate or contain the lesion rather than routine “drilling and filling,” which is often unnecessarily invasive and can lead to the need for further and more dramatic treatments.

  • Reduced radiation exposure.

We utilize digital x-rays that can reduce overall radiation exposure by 70%. You can read the FDA’s consumer information on the risks associated with traditional X-rays here. Digital X-rays are not only much safer, using a much lower dose of radiation, but they are faster (you can see the results in just a few minutes) and the images can be easily and rapidly enhanced to increase contrast, or zoom in on a particular area, which aids in a more accurate diagnosis.